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Summer is prime for deep cleaning.

Thoroughly cleaning your office with a professional deep clean can eliminate germs, help you prevent sick employees, boost productivity, and create a clean slate for the change of season. Use these tips to get your office in shape for a productive fall.

Focus on the Floors

Your office building’s floors take a great deal of wear and tear throughout the year. Employees tracking springtime mud inside can be the final mess that necessitates a summertime deep clean. Deep cleaning the floors means completely rejuvenating them with the top tools, cleaners, and equipment. Your floors can look clean, shiny, and new again. Deep cleaning your hard surface floors is a must at least once per year.

Deep Clean the Carpets

The average commercial building harbors pounds of dust, dead skin cells, dirt, grime, and bacteria in its carpets. The carpets in your building absorb dust and dirt year round. You can open all the doors in your building to help dust escape while professionals give your carpets a comprehensive clean. Deep cleaning the carpets can clear out mold spores, dust, pollen, and other allergens for better indoor air quality.

Wash the Windows

Washing the windows is not something most offices do regularly. Instead, a cleaning crew may get to the windows a few times per year. Washing the windows in summer can remove the layer of springtime pollen from the glass and let in the summer sunshine. Enjoying sparkling clean windows – inside and out – over the summer months can boost employee morale by making it easier to enjoy beautiful summer days in the building.

Hire Professionals

Achieving the noticeable deep clean your office needs this summer takes help from professionals. Clean Green has all the tools and knowledge for exceptional commercial cleaning. We provide custom services to accommodate any job whether just once and on a contract basis.

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