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Clean and Green ​​​​​​​​​​offers professional green cleaning services to commercial building owners and managers, individual businesses and offices. 

Clean and Green is here to answer all of your commercial cleaning needs from basic contract cleaning to special requests such as sanitizing, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning.

We also are now doing light-duty maintenance services for our clients, another side of the business and offer the following services:

Ceiling Tile Replacement

Lightbulb changes

Interior Painting

Baseboard changes

Light Maintenance Repairs.

Pressure Clean

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Restoration

Eco-friendly Office Cleaning.jpeg

For over (20) year's Clean Green has been the most reliable and consistent cleaning contractor in South Florida. Unlike most franchises, or "mom and pop" shops, our team is "best in class" because:


  • uses full time W2 employees-passed rigorous background checks and qualification checks

  • certified in the following training course's and certification's: Occupational Safety and Health Administration  (OSHA), National Safety Council (Bloodborn Pathegon Council) 

  • Strictly follow built-in mechanisms, to achieve quality control scores

  • Taken the Clean Green "Honorable Oaths of Ethics Pledge" 

Great news!  We are now offering residential and Commercial landscaping services.
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