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tips that will make office cleaning easier after the holiday party:

  1. Waste Disposal: All the party leftovers on your desks need to be removed by you or your employees. Make sure that everyone disposes of the trash items like coffee cups, paper plates, and wrappers in large trash bags or dustbins brought in for the event.

  2. Cleaning Up Spills and Stains: You need to wipe out stains on tables, office-kitchen countertops, or any other surface with a cleaning solution and paper towels. Also, if you find any spills, brush and wipe them out.

  3. Fridge Clean-Up: Have a necessary fridge clean-up by involving your employees and dispose of all that isn’t claimed within a day. Clearing out unwanted things helps your office cleaning company perform the post-party clean-up quickly and efficiently.

  4. Washroom Clean-Up: Make sure that everyone in your office maintains restroom cleanliness during the Thanksgiving party. Also, place signs in the washroom prompting employees to follow proper hand washing techniques to reduce bacteria transmission.

  5. Kitchen Sink Clean-Up: Make sure that your employees scrape out food chunks and place them in the garbage bag before disposing of serving dishes in the sink. Also, use a sink strainer to avoid clogs.

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