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Tips for Summer Cleaning

Summer is a great time to clean the entire office. Germs spread more in warm environments so be sure to follow this advice.

Get rid of clutter

Check for clutter every few days as part of your summer cleaning routine.

Keep dust away

Phones, flash drives, fans and other electronic items are dust magnets. In fact, the keyboard is one of the dirtiest items on an office desk. Make it a habit to dust and wipe down. Disinfectant wipes are great for eliminating germs and preventing the spread of disease.

Stay organized

Stack all your documents in a dedicated drawer or filing cabinet. This minimizes the risk of losing important files and protects them from dust, dirt and moisture.

Do not eat at your desk

Employees eating at their workstation are a commonplace. While eating at your desk may seem convenient and time-saving, it increases the risk of insects and rodents. Crumbs, wrappers, and bits of food can make your desk look dirty. If possible, eat in the break room. This will ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace.

Get rid of perishable food

Summer heat can penetrate office windows even with modern air conditioning. And along with heat come food spoilage and worms and a rotten smell. Do not leave any food on your desk overnight. Toss out all perishable items before you go home.

Mind your floors

Rainy days can ruin floors and carpets with mud tracks. During summer more people walk or bike to work – bringing outside dirt in with them. Floors and carpets take much abuse during dry days too with soil, debris, and grass trimmings. Office managers must ensure that maintenance people sweep and vacuum the floors daily.

Keep your windows clear

If the office windows are not fixed permanently, then summer is the best time to open them. Take down those drapes, blinds and curtains that accumulate plenty of dust. Hire a professional cleaner to make your office windows clear and spotless again.

Tidy up

Watch the little things – put things back in their proper place, empty trash bins, keep the restrooms clean. These small details all contribute to maintaining an immaculate workplace.

Go green

Summer months can be just as bad as spring and fall when it comes to allergies. Pollen and dust that circulate in the office can trigger reactions in highly sensitive employees. Harsh chemicals in cleaning products can make the situation even worse. Reduce the number of pollutants floating in the air by choosing environment-friendly products.

Hire a Professional Summer Cleaning Crew

Experts in the field can provide a deep summer cleaning from top to bottom.

Businesses have enough to worry about. Summer cleaning of dust, dirt, and grime should be left to the pros. Staying organized and keeping everything clean will help employees get more work done.

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