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Keep Things Tidy Over the Holidays

1.Keep Baked Goods to One Designated Area.

The holidays are about giving. Many offices will participate in bake-offs and employees often leave treats out to bring in some holiday cheer. Of course, what is left after a sugar rush is lots of crumbs and a sticky situation. To help prevent added mess, encourage employees to leave treats in one central area (like a break room) so that a commercial cleaning service can easily concentrate in that area in a more time-efficient manner.

2. Keep Decorations Tidy.

Decorations are a lot less fun to take down they are to put up. Choose decorations that won’t leave a lot of residues like glitter or snow particles. A fake tree will also prevent you tracking pine needles around till April.

3. Consider Taking the Holiday Party Off Site.

An easy way to keeps things tidy while work and events are at their busiest is to plan the holiday party outside the office. Less work and the office stays in tip-top shape up to the new year.

4. Get in Extra Cleanings.

Snow, sleet, salt, crumbs and more will be tracked through your office at a higher volume than normal during this time. Before the new year, schedule an extra cleaning or two from your commercial cleaning service. It will help reset the place and get you ready for the next year.

5. Take Advantage of The Holiday Break.

When the office is closed, this is the best time to do a deep clean. The holidays are a perfect time to do this since there are several days off consecutively. Carpets can get an extra deep clean, floors can be polished and minor paint repairs would be ideal for this time.

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