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How to Prevent Commercial Restroom Odors: Eliminate Sources

Restroom hygiene can make a big impact on your occupants, and yet they represent one of the highest areas of complaint in many facilities. One of the most common restroom complaints arises from unpleasant odors. Oftentimes, guests equate the cleanliness of your restrooms with the overall service provided by your business. Providing your guest with a clean, good-smelling restroom experience will be key to satisfaction. Foul restroom smells come from a variety of issues making them difficult to combat without the right combination of odor control strategies. About 90% of restroom odors are caused by urine. However, most urine odors do not come from inside the toilet or urinal but from urine droplets that did not make it into the toilet. This is a common problem in both men’s and women’s restrooms. Unfortunately, regular cleaning is not enough to keep odors out of our restroom. In fact, it can sometimes make bathroom odors worse. For example, although scrubbing and mopping may make things look as if they are clean, traditional mops and rags actually spread more germs around, allowing bacteria to grow and making the problem worse. Daily cleaning and disinfecting is important to reducing the spread of germs and keeping your facility clean, but to eliminate bad smells in the washroom you will need to tackle the source. There are different malodors found in several different areas of your commercial restroom, and you’ll likely need a combination of solutions to eliminate them.


  • Clean the Floor with an Odor Digester

  • Install Odor Control Systems

  • Place Mats Around Urinals and Toilets

  • Insert Urinal Screens and Blocks

Sounds too complicated? Call Clean Green and we will do it for you! Free estimates.

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