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Besides hiring office cleaning services, your company also needs to have its ways of cleaning the workplace, such as an office cleaning duties list or sending an “office cleaning email to staff” outlining specific tasks… Here are the office cleaning duties for employees at the office:

  • According to the company’s regulations, all employees may not eat during working hours except for lunchtime.

  • Avoid spilling water/food on the table/chair/floor. If this happens by accident, clean it up immediately.

  • In the work area, trash cans must not contain leftovers. It will cause odors and affect work efficiency. You can use them to store paper and other office waste.

  • Each employee must pay attention to arranging the items used in the office neatly and in the exact position after use. Then, store them carefully.

  • To avoid affecting the people around, each individual must arrange their items and utensils neatly and neatly.

  • All employees must be conscious of maintaining and cleaning the office regularly.

Besides giving your office a clean look, disinfecting your office bathroom also creates a healthier environment for employees. Healthy employees mean less sick leave, which increases productivity.

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