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Keeping a commercial space clean is necessary to ensure everything goes smoothly. Clutter, germ build-up, and other unseen factors can quickly lower productivity.

You need to stay on top of cleaning tasks, or you may notice issues like bad smells, missing paperwork, and colleagues calling in sick. These simple and efficient cleaning tips can prevent this from happening at your workplace.

You are setting up your cleaning team to fail if you give them an assignment without proper instructions, equipment, and cleaning supplies for completing the job. It’s not enough to simply ask the janitors to clean an office. You need to list the areas of focus where they need to concentrate their cleaning efforts on.

You won’t have to worry or wonder why certain areas in the workspace never get cleaned if you clearly establish a cleaning checklist. You can also use the checklist to assign cleaning responsibilities to the team. This way, you can ensure that a handful of employees don’t end up doing most of the cleaning.

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