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Best Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Best Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Leave it to the professionals!

‍Commercial cleaning requires a better understanding of what products and devices need to be used on the surfaces and spaces in your building facilities. It is not as simple as spraying and wiping, as most people do at home. Therefore, professional cleaning and disinfecting companies are your best bet for cleaning and disinfecting commercial settings.

Choose the right products.

‍Once you have the right team for the job, you must ensure they use the right products for your commercial facilities. For instance, if your business is a restaurant or a bar, you want your cleaners to use non-toxic, all-natural disinfectants that are effective on food-preparation surfaces and won't affect the health of your staff and customers. Check out our Disinfectants page for an idea of what we're discussing.

Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect.

‍As you probably know by now, commercial cleaning is not just removing visible dust and dirt from surfaces; it is a more thorough process that involves eliminating contaminants through properly disinfecting surfaces. We recommend having your designated team or company start by cleaning surfaces with soap or any other detergent agent and then continue applying disinfectants (sprayed or fogged) for germ-free surfaces.

Clean all electronics.

‍Screens, keyboards, kitchen appliances, office equipment, and other electronics need to be cleaned appropriately, primarily if your business operates from an office setting and you know some of your employees have lunch or snacks at their desks (which promotes the spread of contaminants.) For these moisture-sensitive surfaces, the best alternative is disinfecting them with dry foggers, as these devices create a disinfecting fog that coats objects and leaves them 99.99% germ-free when paired with the proper disinfectants.

Don't forget to vacuum.

‍If your business facilities are heavily carpeted, you must instruct your janitor or cleaning team to vacuum regularly before disinfecting. Doing this will keep allergens at bay, make spaces more fresh and clean for your employees and customers to be comfortable in, and keep people from developing respiratory complications over time.

Take out the trash regularly.

‍Nothing generates more contaminants than garbage. Taking the trash out regularly will decrease the possibility of bacteria and viruses spreading all around while controlling the presence of odors. Another tip is to keep trash bags in the bottom of bins so your cleaning team can easily replace them.

Take extra care to clean regularly touched objects.

‍In addition to disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces like desks and bathroom countertops, make sure to use those high-touch surfaces and objects your employees have contact with the most throughout the day, like doorknobs, light switches, refrigerator doors, microwave doors, phones, desks, and chairs, etc.

Require staff to wash their hands thoroughly – and often.

‍Hand washing is essential to maintain acceptable cleanliness and health in your commercial setting, especially when new variants of COVID-19 are identified, and cases are rising, like in Ontario and other parts of the country. Encourage your employees to contribute to your commercial cleaning efforts by washing their hands as often as possible, or at least sanitizing them before handling paperwork, servicing customers, or returning to their desks after eating. You can also help them do it by installing a sanitization station in a strategic spot of your business facilities where most employees will see it.

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