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About "green" Products

People’s interest is growing in green cleaning products that have less impact on individual health and the environment than conventional ones.

Many companies now create cleaning products that use more natural ingredients, avoiding harmful chemicals.

In many cases, conventional, nongreen cleaning products for the home and workplace are potentially hazardous. Besides the risk of developing a long-term illness, exposure to cleaning products can trigger asthma, leave burns, or be dangerous if someone ingests them.

Read on to learn what to look for in green cleaning products, reasons to go green, and recipes to make natural cleaners at home.

Green cleaning products should not contain hazardous chemicals, likely to pose fewer health risks. They are also typically much safer and more suitable for use around people with weakened immune systems or health conditions.

Green cleaning products are less hazardous to the environment, too. They do not contain chemicals that cause significant air or water pollution and are often in recyclable or recycled packaging.

There is a wide range of cleaning products that the manufacturers advertise as being eco-friendly and healthier. It is essential to know that some products may claim to be more natural and environmentally friendly than they are.

According to Clean Water Action, some aspects to consider in safe green cleaning products include:

  • biodegradable or not

  • nontoxic

  • bulk packaging

  • recyclable packaging

  • packaging from recycled materials

  • phosphate-free

  • label with full disclosure of all active and inactive ingredients

  • natural fragrances

  • free of dyes, hypochlorite, and chlorine

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