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Keep the outside of your building safe

Outdoor walkways – especially slate, tile and stone – can become very slippery and hazardous in areas that don’t see the sunshine. Nobody wants a lawsuit or an L&I claim – ugh.

Another downfall of the weather is that it destroys the vibrancy and the appearance of outdoor aggregate tile and stone surfaces.

We also see a lot of rust stains from iron furniture and outdoor planters that have been fertilized with iron, copper and other minerals.

Here’s how to keep your outdoor space safe:

  • Use a broom and sweep walkways leading to the front doors frequently to remove debris and dirt from the surface.

  • Hose off these areas occasionally to remove substances and stains.

  • Some light pressure washers can be used on surfaces. Test an inconspicuous area before proceeding, ensuring there’s no loss of grout, and that no etching or chipping of natural stone occurs. *Be cautious of high-pressure washers, which can easily damage concrete and tile surfaces, wearing them out much faster than normal.

  • A rough surface is more prone to collect dirt and mildew. Periodically sprinkle some baking soda over the affected areas to slow the growth of moss and mildew, and – as an added bonus – it’s all-natural and not harmful to the environment.

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