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get your office ready for the holidays!

Holidays are just around the corner and you will probably have office parties. Also, many of your employees are going on vacation and perhaps your office will be empty. What should you do with your janitorial cleaning company? Most cleaning companies like to schedule a deep cleaning during the holidays. Check with them and see if that is something they can work on. Deep cleaning of your office will be a nice fresh start for the New Year. The following are tips for office holiday janitorial cleaning that will help your office look great.

#1: Organize Desks

Usually, during regular cleanings, desks are full of papers and other items in which commercial cleaning companies are instructed not to move or clean. Right before the holidays is a perfect time to clean and organize the desks. Ask your employees to clear and organize their desks and ask your janitorial cleaning company to wipe all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

#2: Kitchen Deep Cleaning

When was the last time the refrigerator was cleaned? Make sure all food is thrown out before you leave for the holidays. You don’t want to arrive to spoil food in January. Ask your janitorial cleaning company to throw everything out and do a deep cleaning of the interior of the refrigerator. Also, when was the last time they cleaned under the refrigerator? Ask your cleaning company for a deep kitchen cleaning quote.

#3: Restroom Deep Cleaning

Restrooms can start to smell bad if you don’t do a deep cleaning at least twice a year. Ask your cleaning company to do a machine floor scrub, wash all walls, and clean all stall walls. Restrooms are extremely important. Also, check and see if it’s time to re-grout your floors. Ask your cleaning company for a quote.

#4: Carpet and Floor Maintenance

Do your carpets have spills or ink stains? Are your floors looking dull? Holidays are perfect times to schedule carpet and floor maintenance jobs. Make sure your cleaning company sets you on a maintenance plan. Start the year right by taking care of your carpets and floors.

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