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Cleaning tip: Clean your carpets on a schedule

Often, some of the carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned with the rest of the business carpets, such as in an unused office or the top floor of a four-story building.

Because carpet acts as a filter, collecting allergens, dust, dirt and oils out of the air. Allergens that are trapped in the carpet as it’s walked on or vacuumed recirculate in the air, causing allergies, which can lead to missed days of work.

And no work = no production.

Dust particles also work like sandpaper, breaking down the fibers of the carpet as they’re walked on, causing worn, matted fibers.

So, to answer the question, “How often should my carpet be cleaned?”:

It depends on the amount of foot traffic the carpet receives. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • For busy offices, first floors of buildings, common areas and restaurants, you should clean the high-traffic areas of the carpet monthly using a thermal extraction process, as recommended by carpet manufacturers.

For every other cleaning, we recommend getting underneath desks, waiting room chairs and tables to remove dust and allergens.

  • For a medical facility, dental office or moderately busy office space, clean the high-trafficked areas of the floors on a quarterly basis. Clean the carpets under chairs, desks, etc. annually.

  • For top floors, rooms or businesses that don’t get much traffic, clean these annually.

**We highly recommend checking with your carpet manufacturer to stay within the guidelines of warranties before cleaning your commercial carpets.

Bonus tip: Routine and proper cleaning methods will extend the life of the carpet, saving you from paying expensive restoration or replacement costs. Now that’s a cleaning tip your business can take to the bank!

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